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Coach John Rhodes (2017-2018 Season)

Attitude - Effort - Coachability

When I first got to IMG, Coach Belcher asked me if you were going to be on my team.  At that time, I had no idea who he was talking about.  However, after a few practices, I can honestly say that I quickly found out what he was talking meant in regards to your drive, motivation, and great attitude.  You always gave 100% effort and you never cheated a drill by taking a short cut. Because you put in a lot of hard work you earned a spot on the National team and were one of the most consistent players on the White team.   I appreciated the fact that you tried to do everything you were asked and never questioned your role.  The only thing you asked was how I can get better.  You were a pleasure to coach and these traits are going to take you a long way in life after basketball.

For The Future

Even though I wasn’t hear the year previous, I saw a lot of growth this past season.  From the video I watched last year, you’re not close to being the same player.  You’ve gotten a lot better because you are stronger, smarter, and playing with a tremendous amount of confidence.  I believe your best basketball is in the years to come.  Below you will find a few things I would like to see you improve on in the immediate future:

Finishing – It was nice to see how well you progressed with your mid-range pull ups, as well as, attacking the rim off the dribble when defenders tried to run you off the 3 point line.  Keep working on this by continuing to do our lay-up series and ball handling drills that Coach Clapper taught you.  

Shooting – This is probably your strongest part of your game.  You showed the ability to be a knock down shooter, but there is room for improvement.  In your shooting routine, focusing on making a certain # of shots on a # of attempts or making so many in a row.  This is going to help you raise your overall percentage

Defense – Over the course of the season, you took a lot of pride in being able to guard the ball one on one.  Your lateral quickness has improved dramatically and is only going to get better in future.  Keep trying to understand angles, use your length, and work on your anticipation and you will be fine.


Rebounding – The one thing that you don’t give yourself enough credit for is your ability to get rebounds.  In the wing position, this is something that can separate you from others on your team.

Overall Assessment

It was a pleasure watching you develop this season and being a part of your maturation process.  In my opinion, you are a very talented player with loads of potential.  Once your body catches up to your mind you are going to be able to do some things instinctively which have been challenging for you now.    

It is difficult to play different roles on two very different teams. What we asked you to do for the white team, was much different than what we expected of you on the national team.  Being able to adapt to different situations is going to help you be more prepared for the next level.
At the next level, you are going to have to be prepared for the unknown.  Your time here at IMG has prepared you for that and I believe you will be prepared for whatever comes your way, both on and off the court.  

You did a GREAT job of taking advantage of everything IMG has to offer.  From everything in the mental to the physical you have shown signs of growth and maturation. At this point in your career, you have only scratched the surface of your potential.  But, potential is something that hasn’t been achieved. So, you have to keep working hard to meet and surpass your dreams. 


One thing I would suggest is that you go into next season being the best conditioned athlete on the team.  Coach Mahoney talked about controlling the controllable on more than one occasion.  If you want to make the right impression on your coaches and win the respect of your team mates, go into next season with a strong foundation.  You know what you need to do because you’ve been through it before.  That’s a huge advantage.   

On behalf of Coach Mahoney, Coach Clapper, and myself, I can say that it truly was an enjoyable experience to coach you this season!  We will always be here for you and look forward to watching your development in the years to come. If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to call.  We wish you nothing but the best!


Coach Adetunji Adedipe (2014-2015 Season)


A leader is an individual who possesses the intangibles necessary to effectively guide a team. Someone who is revered by teammates and who is selfless enough to put team success before his own. A person willing to give 100% every possession and is devoted to getting 1% better each day.  Every great team is comprised of leaders that help elevate the program to the next level. For my team, Brendan Favre was that guy.  


Blessed with the innate ability to affect the outcome of games with his extraordinary shooting, Brendan is a playmaker. He is one of the best pure shooters that I have come into contact with. Opposing defenses were often required to scheme around Brendan to no avail. Brendan’s growth throughout this past year was astonishing. He is a true student of the game who devotes himself to consistently improving in all facets.  His attention to detail and work ethic is inspiring. Brendan was instrumental in the development of our program from a character and athletic standpoint. He was one of three captains entrusted with getting 11 different players, comprised of 9 different countries, to buy into a team concept. He was instrumental in guiding our team to a 19-4 overall record.




Coach Antoine Mantey (2012-2013 Season)


Brendan est un jeune joueur travailleur et qui a une réelle volonté de progresser dans n'importe quel milieu ! ( en club, en famille ou en extérieur). J'ai eu le plaisir de pouvoir compter sur lui pendant une année et de le faire travailler pendant le off de l'été. Les 3 qualités majeures de Brendan sont sa capacité à tirer longue distance tout en ayant une aisance balle en main pour aller finir près du cercle ! Une vision du jeu interessante sur des lectures lors de ces drives au cercle et pour finir sa capacité à acquérir les conseils et mettre en pratique ce que nous lui expliquons ! Pour finir, je pense que Brendan a un vrai avenir s'il continue dans cette direction !

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